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Quality :

Since 1987 SAMBRE MECA have had in place a system of quality control to respond to the exacting standards of our clients, the management has taken steps to ensure the satisfaction of their clients.

Our system of qualilty control and continual development particularly focussed on the quality process and testing, has allowed us to obtain ISO 9001 V 2008 and to be AREVA approved.

Quality Control Service
In order to ensure that the parts manufactured by SAMBRE MECA are uniform the company have a climate controlled metrology laboratory.

The laboratory is equipped with:
• A three dimensional hexagonal CNC MMT measuring machine, capacity 800x600x600, equipped with an moveable Renishaw head and a Renishaw 3D scanning head.
• A 3D TESA manual measuring machine.

The standard equipment for measuring and testing dimensions, profiles, geometry, smoothness and hardness. All the equipment is linked to the BNM (National Bureau of Metrology) for periodic controls.

Tous ces moyens sont reliés à la chaine métrologique du BNM par un contrôle périodique.

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    Quality (elaboration, verification)

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    Identification of materials

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    3-Control of Dimensions

    Throughout the fabrication the quality service validates the testing.

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    4-Control of Finished Dimensions

    100% computer controlled 3 Dimensional Measuring

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    5-Summary and statement

    Product conformity

TVU certificate
mecanique de précision

Nuclear certification.
mecanique de précision