mecanique de précisionmecanique de précision
mecanique de précision
Located on the edge of Benelux, 10 minutes away from the major roads connecting Paris and Brussels and the major economic centers of Western Europe, Sambre Meca is specialized in machine parts used in precision engineering.

• We have thirty years of experience in precision engineering.

• We have a team of professionally qualified engineers.

• ISO 9001 V2008 Certification.

• We can produce unit parts, medium or high volume (batches).

• We participate in many areas where precision is demanded.

• Continual investment in our machinery guarantees the durability and performance of our equipment.

The workshops are equipped with
computer controlled machinery
which allows us to carry out:

• Turning
• Milling
• Surface grinding – plane and cylinder
• Electrical discharge machining

We can integrate the following
operations into
the production process

• Heat treatment
• Surface treatments
• Polishing
• Assembly
• TIG welding

The continual use of CAT software allows us to master:
• Modern high speed chemical etching, 4/5 Axis 3D milling
• The production of technically complex parts.

Air conditioned metrology laboratory:
• Equipped with a cutting edge MTM machine.
• Equipped with all the means necessary to systematically control all our manufacturing.
• The quality department guarantees documentary traceability from the order of raw material to the delivery of the finished product to the client.
• We are equipped with Computer Assisted Production, allowing us to respond to the demands and respect the best deadlines of our clients.
mecanique de précision
mecanique de précision
Set up in 1982 our firm specializes in machining of accurate machine parts, equipment, thumb the wheels and marking tooling grinding segment. We can create unit parts, or run small and medium batches.
The 700m2 machine shop is fitted with hoisting equipment with a capacity up to 5 tones, and is composed of an equipment fleet including turning, milling machines, wire electrical discharge machines (EDM), cylindrical and surface grinding equipment.

We have an air conditioned metrology laboratory equipped with all the measuring devices required for the systematic control of our production.
The ISO 9001 V 2008 certified quality assurance system monitors and controls the production cycle from the raw material inward until the final control and guarantees the traceability of the goods on the purchase order until shipment to the customer.

The Quotation Process Engineering and Order Scheduling department is equipped with a computer Aided Production Management Software and Enterprise Resource Planning Software allowing us to be reactive to answer promptly to your enquiries manufacturing orders and to respect the manufacturing lead time.